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Stephen developed his structured business development and marketing strategy approach largely whilst working in various account management and new product introduction roles for Hewlett Packard as well as BT. Over the past years he has has the privilege to have worked with many businesses ranging from varying market sectors. It is is due to Stephen’s structured and disciplined [as well as entrepreneurial] approach that he is not confined to working in any specific market sector. In fact it is indeed this broad ranging experience & perspective gained from working with corporates, SMEs and work from home operations that he is able to bring a fresh approach which at times breaks the organisation away from that which they have been doing over and over again [due to working with other who are from the same industry].

About Stephen C Campbell

Marketing Consulting

Digital Strategy Development

Why Consider Using Stephen C Campbell’s Consulting Services?

Campbell is based in the South West of the United Kingdom from where he delivers Business Consulting & Online Marketing Strategy Design based around the topics above on a local, national and international basis.

Campbell and his team (which spans from Europe to the Far East) operate multiple internet businesses functioning in different market niches and is the director of Capid Houser a Professional Digital Internet Marketing Services & Consulting Company..

The focus of Campbell’s business activities is in devising bespoke Channel Marketing Strategies for organisations, Search Engine Marketing Design & Development as well as Workshops, consulting & Seminars for corporations and business owners.

Strategy Nuts & Bolts

We deal with all ncessary component related to the effective development of a business strategy including Pricing, Supply & Demand.

Ideal Client Profiling

Segmentation of the ideal client target profile will be developed through market research and identifiable buying behaviour patterns.

Business & Product Branding Equity

We will work on the main components of branding such as Awareness & Associations.

Digital Media Marketing

A key channel to market for any business, we explore Digital [Search & Social] Media Marketing Strategies.

business strategy consultant

Stephen C Campbell

In the corporate world Campbell held a number of regional sales and marketing (ICT) positions with Hewlett Packard which included responsibility for North America, Europe, Japan and the Asia Pacific region in doing so has conducted business in well over 20 countries [such as United States | Taiwan | China | Japan | Singapore | India | Mexico | Germany | France].

Campbell has been responsible for shaping the strategic direction for managing revenues streams of greater than US$85M.

Campbell was instrumental in expanding the company’s business into the Far East managed the Far Eastern business marketing activities for Hewlett Packard based in Tokyo for a number of years.

Whilst in the region he managed to almost double the business in Japan (managing the likes of Fujitsu, Hitachi, NEC & Toshiba) to greater than US$35M and at the same time initiated business in Korea, Taiwan and India.

Campbell is continutally reinventing himself based on the changing business landscape and stays ahead of client requirements.

Whilst working for Hewlett Packard, Campbell acted as chair for the European Diversity network and was instrumental in the planning of the company’s first ever Black Employee Network International Conference. Campbell also assisted in the implementation of the Diversity Program whilst managing in Japan.

Prior to joining Hewlett Packard Campbell worked as a Software Design & Development Engineer and as an Electronics Development Engineer for the Transport & Research Laboratory & various companies.

Campbell is an advocate of Personal and Self Development and this serves as the core to everything he participates in. He is also a avid student of health. Campbell is a competent Speaker, Presenter and Facilitator and has served on the board of Governors for one of the schools local to him and is adequately qualified with :-

Business Development

Marketing & Branding

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