Make More Money In Your Company Through Strategic Marketing

Ultimately Make More Money In Your
Company; Make Customers Happy
Through The Execution Of Business
Strategy Fundamentals

Our Proven Business Strategy Framework In Your Company Will Help You Get More Out Of Your Business


Business Strategy Consultation Fundamentals

  • Market Segmentation.
  • Category Marketing.
  • Channel Marketing.
  • Business Branding.
  • Digital Marketing.

Stephen helps organisations develop their Business Marketing Strategies, build their Internet Traffic (Executed with our sister business Capid Houser Business Digital Marketing Services uk), Presence Sales and therefore Profits.....

Market Segmentation

This is the part of the business strategy that clearly defines the 'who your company is selling its products and services to. This is a critical step in the marketing process as its definition will have an impact on the crafting of marketing messages and the length of the sales cycle.
Stephen is available to work on a short to long term contractual within your organisation anywhere in the world. He has worked with companies ranging from startups to $Bmulti organisations.

Business Strategy Consulting Process

Channel Marketing

We have essentially two forms of marketing channels ie. the form we use to communicate with clients and the form we use to deliver products and services, each of these can of course be subdivided with the chosen [appropriate] communication channel being print media and a distribution channel model being used to deliver products into the hands of the end user.

NOTE : Clients will be taken on by application only as Stephen is only able to work with a  limited number of clients at a time. New clients are taken on and accepted - only after qualification.

Business Branding

The equity of the business' brand carries will determine its positioning in the market place, its ability to negotiate terms such as shipping quantities and times and of course price ! There are essentially four pillars to the equity that a brand possesses, Awareness being the suggested pillar to focus on first as we move the focus to that of Customer Loyalty and Perceived Quality.
As a consultant Stephen can work with your organization to consult with the aim of shaping its ongoing Marketing Strategy, defining Marketing Channels & Identifying appropriate Market Segments for your Product/Service offerings based on the needs of each specific client.

Consultation Process

As a Business Strategist Stephen can

work with your organization to consult

& To Work With You To Further Develop

& Define Your Company's

Business Strategy

Projects are billed on a project basis, fees usually include a flat fee in combination with a retainer. To discuss consulting options contact Stephen and team & for a list of some clients that we have worked with throughout the world and years - learn more about Stephen as a Business Strategy Consultant.