[product] Stephen helps organisations develop their Business Marketing Strategies, build their Internet Traffic (Executed with our sister business Capid Houser Business Digital Marketing Services uk), Presence Sales and therefore Profits…..

[comment-1] Stephen is available to work on a short to long term contractual within your organisation anywhere in the world. He has worked with companies ranging from startups to $Bmulti organisations.

Business Strategy Consulting Process[comment-2]

NOTE : Clients will be taken on by application only as Stephen is only able to work with a  limited number of clients at a time. New clients are taken on and accepted – only after qualification. [comment-3] As a consultant Stephen can work with your organization to consult with the aim of shaping its ongoing Marketing Strategy, defining Marketing Channels & Identifying appropriate Market Segments for your Product/Service offerings based on the needs of each specific client.

[certificate] Projects are billed on a project basis, fees usually include a flat fee in combination with a retainer. To discuss consulting options contact Stephen and team & for a list of some clients that we have worked with throughout the world and years – learn more about Stephen as a Business Strategy Consultant.

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  1. Moses

    Hi Stephen ,
    I hope you had a great time when you came to Shanghai .
    I just wanted to say hi for the great job that you are doing .
    I’m Moses and I met you on the subway at Zhong Shan park , shanghai and we talked for a while before your stop at Yishan Road.
    I would like to keep in touch with you in the future and see what we can do together.

    God bless you,



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