Going With The Flow (vs taking control of your life)

How do you live and conduct your life ? are you one of the vast majority of the population who say “I’ll Just Go With The Flow” ? Throughout our schooling we are taught to follow the crowd, get a job and all the rest of it.


In society the few individuals who break free of the herd mentality and accomplish great things are the ones we call successful. However when we examine things, there is actually no way to stand out and be one of those who are admired unless we stand out and be counted. We will be dealing with this in the next seminar on July 15th details at http://www.you-can-be.com/.  

Now, back to the subject line – going with the flow as most of us do means that on closer inspection we stay in the job we do not love, we stay in the relationship we know is right for us, we put up with the bodies which we do not like when we look in the mirror and the list goes on. Breaking free and being the person who you want to be or doing the things we dream of takes guts and character.


Self Development material (book, tapes, CDs & DVDs) are amongst the highest category of sales, even more astonishing is the data which shows that much of the material stays on the shelves of individuals or never get properly consumed. Not going with the flow will lead you closer to being, doing and having the things which you want and deserve.


Goal setting and being dedicated to Self and Personal Development takes real character and guts, people will question you and try to get you to abandon your dream.


In the next You-Can-Be seminar (see http://www.you-can-be.com/ ) I will be dealing with Goal Setting, Quantum Physics, Neuro Science and related topics. All of which is designed to give individuals tools and techniques to break free from ‘the flow’ and be whoever or whatever they choose to be.


If you are in the South West of the UK – come along and spend the day immersing yourself in planning for the rest of your life.


Stephen C Campbell

Stephen C Campbell

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