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Profile Of Target Market

During our consultation one of the key business development fundamentals that we will work to create is that of the profile of the ideal client that fits in with the products and services that the organisation will be delivering into the marketplace – this profile feeds into other strategy components.

Aspects Of Marketing Channels

At the outset we will work to define two main aspects of channel marketing as it applies to the identified go to market plan in relation to the brand development. a] which path to make use of in order to deliver goods and services to clients and b] consider the most suitable mediums for business promotion.

Considering Digital Marketing

The effective use of the internet in terms of developing the brand equity of the organisation will factor the strategic use of search engine as well as social media marketing channels in terms of functioning in terms of lead generation as well as service delivery – quality relevant content creation and publication is key.

Development & Execution Of Marketing Strategies Are The Heart And Soul Of Businesses Found All Over The World

Stephen C Campbell delivers in company marketing strategy consulting and training; full scale marketing plan development and execution as well as public seminars and workshops for small business owners & entrepreneurs. Working with businesses from different market sectors, from corporates [such as P&G, Black and Decker To Swatch Group (China)] to startups and SMEs, wherever your business is in its marketing development and evolution, feel free to reach out to Stephen to explore ways of working together to take your marketing to the next level. Read on to learn more about the strategy development methodology and key fundamentals and pillars that are utilised in order to development the company’s marketing strategy.

Category Marketing

One of the key fundamentals in the development of the marketing plan is to clearly define the category of the market that the product & service fits into, this in turn drives pricing and segmentation decisions …

Channel Marketing

Channels to Market come in two forms 1) to promote the message of the business to target market segment customers 2) the place where customers will actually experience your products and services …

Market Segmentation

It is critically important to make sure that your business is crystal clear regarding the ‘who the company will be serving. This will enable the creation of more target product & service solutions to meet market needs …

Marketing Development Process Framework

Above you can see the Marketing Strategy Process Framework that Stephen uses that has been defined and refined after working with customers in different industries and multiple countries. We will talk about some the point in more depth below noting that pricing is defined by the uniqueness of the company’s service offering which in turn links into the target market segment that has been identified that the products are suited to.

Using the Digital Marketing tools provides a remarkable opportunity to segment, classify and understand one’s target market segment. User preferences for interacting using different media option such as audio, video, blogging, micro blogging, press releases, forums, surveys and more allows us to test, track, refine and bring prospects into our defined marketing funnel

Part of the strategy development includes the definition of the ideal client profile, this will enable us to tighten up on the marketing message and therefore make use of the most appropriate channel through which to connect

The degree of Brand Equity that a product / service carries into the market place enable the company flexibility in terms of many aspects of the marketing mix such as pricing and channel delivery options.

Marketing Strategy Business Development Consulting & Training

Business, Personal & Product Branding Using Digital Marketing

Using the digital marketing channel including video marketing, email, podcasting, search engine marketing and other tools should be utilised to promote and build any company and position the product and brand accordingly within defined market categories in order to attract and communicate with the most suited customers. We also need to define pricing accordingly and this is in direct proportion to the uniqueness of the product & service. We recommend developing core solution offering bundles that tend not to be easily replicable therefore boosting brand equity and great freedom in charges higher [justifiable] prices leading to increased revenues.

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