Business Consulting Process

As an external [not associated to or connected to any one company] business strategy consultant I am frequently asked about the need for and the process of business coaching and consulting; this at time is especially true when it comes to smaller organisations that may not be seen to following structured systems and processes on a daily basis.

It is always interesting for me to look at some of the differences and attitudes towards using a business consultant between the larger corporates and some of the small solo preneur run businesses and small and medium enterprises.

Perhaps the first thing to note is the value and perspective that an external skilled consultant can bring to any enterprise can be quantified in terms of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of $$$$s or ££££s in increased revenues. This is can be determined by …

  • taking in new customers
  • doing more business with current customers
  • going into new market segments
  • developing new geographic regions

… and so on and so forth. Whatever the case I have found that going through the process maps as defined in the videos and in the graphic, working through this and applying it to one’s company will show up where changes need to take place in order to effect necessary change as a catalyst for business growth.

Management Consulting Thought Leadership

In the consulting role, it is not just the strategic advice and direction that is delivered into the company in question; it is often a question of providing leadership for the management team and employees alike. Yes, it is often the case that indeed it is the perspective that the external consultant brings to the organisation that propels it forward. This can be illustrated in many ways but for the sake of argument let’s consider the following scenario – you have a number of executives that have been working in their industry for 10, 15 or 20 years. They know their business inside out and are, very successful. Yet when a skilled business strategy consultant comes and works on their business [using a structured process driven and methodical approach as can be determined from the videos and graphics] – they are able to see things in the business that the seasoned professional were unable to see. The point that is being made is that sometimes the familiarity of doing things over and over again can become a weakness of the business.

If you are thinking of giving your business a kickstart, need some fresh thinking and perspective – think whether or not the collection of professionals within the organisation are able to drive the business in the direction that it requires. Also think about the value that having a skilled and fresh perspective in a coaching, consulting, mentoring and facilitating capacity could have on the business in general.

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-Stephen C Campbell

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