The third-quarter growth figure of 6.9 percent, as reported by China’s National Bureau of Statistics, was a decline from the first half of the fiscal year, and the country’s lowest since 2009.

This post is of particular interest to me and brings back memories of consulting and training in China with one of the world’s leading watch designers and manufacturers as they looked to take full advantage of digital marketing to reach their intended target market segments. During the time I spent in Shanghai we indeed discussed macro economic dependencies i.e. China’s GDP growth and how that relates to the amount of money consumers have to spend on good and services related to the client’s core offerings.


In relation to our UK Digital Marketing Agency when consulting with clients we attempt to at all times to provide a consultative approach when developing digital marketing and social media campaigns for our clients. It is interesting to note though how many companies and business leaders actually do not take a tops down, market driven, supply & demand approach to …

  • Identifying Target Market Segments
  • Carefully Considering Appropriate Marketing Channels
  • The Category Marketing Positioning Of Their Products/Services

… as more and more of the marketing attention and focus is put into Digital Strategies and often a ‘shot gun’ approach undertaken, it has become more important to look at the viability of the market as dictated by the overall economic growth and this feeds down into what people are able to spend in the marketplace at large.

As China’s economy is seeming to stutter, we will have to wait to see how the knock on effect ripples over into the western economies and as a consequence end up having eight a positive or negative impact on our own business or on the company that we are employees for.

If you are looking for a consultative approach to assisting your company in its go to market digital marketing and social media strategy development get in touch to see how we can assist you in your endeavours.


-Stephen C Campbell

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9 Responses to “China’s Economy : GDP Growth Falls Below Country’s Official Goal of 7 Percent, Agency Says”

  1. jackiefredericks

    Really interesting article. It’s so true how people will just throw mud at the wall with no plan in mind! I agree 100% to analyzing your market before doing anything. The world needs more consultants like you!

  2. kokujin

    PaulConway┬á Good point, and it just goes to show how much expectations and dependencies [so many corporates and countries have staked their success on China’s consumers and overall GDP growth !!] have a part to play in the interpretations of absolute figures/results. 100s of economies would of course be ecstatic over a 7% GDP growth ­čÖé

  3. kevmitch

    China is wiping out the steel industry here in the UK.We might be getting cheap steel but its affecting lives here in a big way.I cannot see china economy withstanding the growth which they have had in recent years.I am not surprised that there growth is in decline.great post.

  4. ronin47

    With the Big Ben clock going on the blink, this would be a good time for some enterprising Chinese business man to get in touch with George Osborne and make him an offer for a few spare parts.

  5. thewebwoman

    Many of us, like China, fall short of our marketing goals.  It is really important to know why, to step back and pay attention to the basics of good marketing strategies and tactics and then make a plan and stick to it.  Over time you need to re-evaluate and sometimes the plan needs to be tweaked.

    It is also very important to stay on top of the trends and new tools out there that can ramp you up and make your marketing program nimble in the marketplace.

  6. TBradford

    China pulled a Volks Wagon on us.. Lied about growth….maybe and overestimation but bottom line folks lost a lot of money. As entrepreneurs we have to enlist marketing best practices. Then live by them. Remember why we became self employed to begin with?

  7. Steve Herman

    I don’t think it’s just a China thing … many countries have problems with their economics right now. ┬áI’m sure China will rebound as well as many other countries in the near future.


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