Google is expected to release an early version of the operating system for computers and cellphones next year and the final version in 2017, according to The Wall Street Journal. This makes interesting reading while we look at Google’s decision and that which lies behind it so, let’s take some time to consider and expand. There is of course method and marketing strategy behind all that Google does, the company continually accumulates data and the profile of end users that interacts with its products and services.

The Android operating system being developed for smart phones and mobile devices represents one of the growth areas in terms of hardware device purchases which directly relates to the widespread usage of the Android operating system. Android of course is utilised by many mobile phone manufacturers such as Samsung which gives it a truly wide market acceptance and penetration.
The move marks an effort at Google to reduce the number of independent platforms it has to maintain, sources said.

This forms two main functions as we see it, a) helping Google with its operations b) providing excellence for its target market sectors and users. Points that can be raised can be centred around what functions and processes exist within your business that can be streamlined for the purpose of making your business processes more efficient, this will enable the business to get more done with a given set of resources as well as producing more, operational savings are often seen leading to increased overall profits.

As for your target market sectors, Google can be seen to be making steps that will result in a more pleasing customer experience with the impending merger of the operating systems mentioned. Irrespective of what one thinks about Google itself or indeed the decision to merge the Chrome & Android operating systems.


One of the areas of focus for many companies is that of reputation management marketing, this essentially focuses on what is being said about the company at large in the digital media sphere by the company itself, the media as well as the consumers of products and services sold into the marketplace by the marketing organisation. This ties directly into the widespread employment and usage of digital marketing and social media agencies that company’s use to execute services such as reputation management marketing on their behalf.

There are for sure lessons that we can learn for serving the customer better and for getting more out of the operations that exist within our businesses; we believe it makes good sense to learn from the likes of Google when it comes to business, operations and marketing excellence.

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6 Responses to “Chrome OS: Google to Merge Computer Operating System With Android, Report Says”

  1. TBradford

    I like chrome although my computer doesn’t  like it.  I just might have to only use firefox. I think this android thing is a good move though.

  2. BrianGibbs

    I used Chrome on my main computer for a long time, but went back to FireFox. I still use it on my phone, though. Smart move by Google…

  3. thewebwoman

    It is sometimes so hard to keep up with all of the browsers and operating systems out there.  I personally prefer Chrome as my browser and I would love to have the android operating system on my laptop instead of Windows.  I just need to do a little more research to be sure all of my software is compatible.  Thanks for this great article. Stephen.

  4. imangelo

    I’m a big fan of android and Chrome, I’m not familiar with Chrome OS though. I’d be interested to see what exciting new stuff they have in store for us.


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