“It is great that they also notice that electric cars will be cheaper to run,” Pearson said to Go Ultra Low, which conducted a survey of 800 teens, who indicated a preference for electric cars. So interesting to see how things are shaping up for the future as we continue to push forwards the boundaries of technologies and its applications come to play in our every day lives. Of course, one of the main driving forces behind the current and future increases in the use of electric cars is that of the capacity of batteries, its ability to charge and to release its energies.

Technological advances have also been shown to affect our lives with the increase and reach of the usage of the internet, this has lead to the redefinition of what call channel marketing … we can now add a new marketing channel to the marketing mix which we term the digital marketing channel …

Channel marketing comes in two forms

  • A channel to communicate to target market segments
  • A channel to deliver products and services to those target market segments

The evolution of the internet has given to the social media & digital marketing agency that sits alongside the other ways [marketing channels] that companies had been using to reach clients. In considering the title of this post, it makes sense to consider what marketing will look like in 11 years time !!

Will there be a need for businesses to sign up for a digital marketing newsletter and will there be such a need for the expert business strategy consultant that companies bring in to help them to accelerate with their business growth ? For sure we assume that in the near future there will be an increased need for branding digital strategy development and execution as we see that the digital marketing channel has grown and will continue to be one of the major marketing channels that businesses all over the world make use of to use their products and services to make an impact with their chosen target market segments.

So as the demand for electric cars look set to increase we can also consider how the consumer will develop preferences for how companies communicate with them and how they consume that which they purchase from companies, how much of a part will digital media and social social media marketing have to play in that which companies do as dictated by the wants and needs of the consumer.

One thing is for sure, channel marketing will continue to evolve, and companies will continue to look for the most effective ways that they can use to most effectively increase their business through sales of products and services and the wide spreading message of the brand.

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7 Responses to “Ian Pearson: Futurologist Says Demand for Electric Cars Will Exceed ‘Traditionally Fueled’ Cars by 2026”

  1. thewebwoman

    The concept of creating channels is fast becoming the most effective trend in not only digital marketing, but for hard goods as well.  I tend to think in terms of channels after 15 years in broadcast video.  It actually makes it a lot easier to target your most valuable customers and clients when you have this mindset.  Great article.  And yes, I would like my next car to be electric.  I guess I am just a kid at heart.  Not bad for a cyber granny.

  2. NigelJame

    The concept of electric cars is great but at the moment they want more money to rent the batteries then it costs me to completely run my oil burner for a year

  3. ronin47

    electric cars at the moment all look so boring…. until they start knocking them out with a bit of ‘get up and go’ about them, then people are not going to be that interested. Okay… its that AND THE PRICE!!

  4. kokujin

    thewebwoman Also interesting to see how things have changed in terms of using video for marketing purposes for corporates as well as the SME

  5. PaulDunstan

    I am looking at a hybrid for my next car. I want to go green, but I can’t risk running out of power out in the sticks on holiday! In marketing terms it is interesting. It is a kind of Chicken and Egg situation. They won’t market them until they thing there is a demand, but they won’t get the demand until they market them better 🙂 I guess at some point there will be a tipping point, as there is in all markets.


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