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“How To Use The Internet Effectively For Business” – The one thing your business cannot do without is Using The Internet For Marketing to more Effectively …

Connect With Existing Clients, Generate New Leads, Build Its Brand Online & Drive Revenues by using the New Technologies Of The Internet Such As …

Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, SMS Text Message Marketing, Video Marketing, Blogging, Reputation Management, Mobile Coupons, Mobile Apps & Mobile Optimized Websites to compliment and enhance its Existing Business Strategy.

We understand this shift in the marketing landscape and the answer is to effectively get clear regarding your existing business’s strategy and effectively integrate [some of the confusing] technical digital marketing tools to build and enhance your marketing strategy to ultimately drive revenues.

Digital, Social & Facebook Marketing

Why Is Digital Channel Marketing Important For Your Business ?

  • People are on Facebook & other Social Media sites all day, every day

  • Search Engine Marketing

    is critical for your business as your clients turn to Google, Yahoo & Bing [& the other search engines] in order to look for information, review and comments on your business services

  • Clients and stakeholders in your business have 24×7 access to the internet

  • Your Ads & Marketing can follow people around again and again

  • You can super-target clients based on their interests, location, hobbies, age, gender, and connections

  • The internet Search Engines

    is the chosen method of your existing clients and potential customers for looking for news, information and content on products and services

  • You can communicate directly with clients

    using their Smart Phones & Mobile Devices

Your Online Strategy Must Be Integrated With Your Business Strategy …

Failure to take the time to integrate the marketing tools of the internet into your business’ strategy – is a failure to get your message out to the marketplace, interface with clients in the most efficient manner and ultimately drive revenues.

To achieve lasting business development success using the digital marketing channel takes careful up front planning, keyword analysis, content preparation and the creating of that content in various guises in order to effectively connect with target market clients. This could be different forms of video marketing, blogging, micro blogging, article writing and more.

Why not start with [management] getting skilled up when it comes to how the internet relates to their business ?

– this will be revealed in the Business Internet Marketing Strategy Seminars [which focuses on using the strategy framework shown on the left as a guide to integrating digital marketing practices into the company] for managers that we have been conducted privately for clients such as …

Iveco Trucks | Swatch Group China | Stanley Black & Decker | Telekom Austria Group | OMV Petrom | Dun And Bradstreet | Genworth Financial | Bristol City Council and many other business owners, entrepreneurs & marketers.

Introducing : Business Digital Internet Marketing Strategies Seminar

This Business Internet Strategy Training takes a consultative approach leaving you with specific tools and techniques you can use to build your business. This is not a technical day per sebut instead focuses on your business’ existing marketing strategy and deals with how the outbound marketing strategies and tactics can be integrated with the internet and new technology tools.

Module 1 : Glossary

A look at some of the more technical internet marketing terminology essential for knowing in order to effectively become an internet channel marketing expert. Some of the terms that you need to be familiar with :-

  • Search Engine Marketing

  • Organic Website Traffic

  • Paid Website Traffic

  • RSS Feeds

  • Forums

  • Linking

  • Anchor Text

  • Keywords

Module 2 : Introduction

A look at the trends in the useage of the internet and how this relates to your Channel Marketing Strategy.

  • Internet Useage By Region

  • RSS Feeds

  • Customer Expectations

  • Social Media Marketing

Module 3 : New Marketing And Your Business

Provides an overview of the internet technologies that are to be incorporated into your organisation from a strategic perspective.  It is essential that the internet activities are fused into the existing business strategies in order for them to be effective, we look at what you need to do now for maximum effectiveness. We take a look at :-

  • Interruption Based Marketing

  • Permission Based Marketing

  • Defining Company Assets

  • Integrating Digital Marketing

Module 4 : Old/Current Marketing & New Media Marketing

There is a need to blend what worked in the past with the new marketing internet technologies. The blend very much depends on your customer segmentation and their preferred methods of communication.  We explore (the old) Interruption based marketing vs that of (current) Permission based marketing and explore how your organisation is set for the market place’s means of interacting.

  • Traditional Advertising Methods

  • Customer Expectations

  • Interruption Based Marketing

  • Convergence Marketing

Module 5 : Redefining The Marketing Mix

Current/Traditional marketing and associated tools were born during the age of television and mass markets. We examine each component of the Marketing Mix in turn and map this to your business with a view to developing strategy for the convergence of the internet marketing tools in your business.

  • Business models are built around the 4 P’s of marketing

  • The marketing mix consists of Product, Price, Promotion & Place

  • Business' definition of these components must be modified accordingly

  • How to cater for the Permission based marketing mindset of today’s customers.

Module 6 : Search Engine Marketing 101

Search Engine Marketing is unlike any other form of marketing and does not relay on Interrupting the [potential] clients [that start their purchasing decision with an online search] instead focuses on those who ‘raise their hands’ by expressing an interest in your business’ products and services. We look at the following in terms of how it relates to your business :-

  • Keyword Research

  • On Page Content Factors

  • Off Page Content Factors

  • Linking

  • Blogging

  • Pinging

  • Social Media

  • Article Marketing

  • Page Rank

  • Alexa Rank

Module 7 : Engaging Customers Via The Website

First we have to take the necessary steps to get visitors to our internet properties, the next step is to ensure that they are adequately engaged after they click on a hyperlink that takes leads them to our site. Amongst other things we will cover …

  • Quality Of Visitors To Our Website

  • Quality Of Incoming Links

  • Content Importance & Relevance

  • Paid Search

  • Website Optimization

  • Video & Audio Marketing

Module 8 : Mobile Marketing & Advertising

There is a growing trend towards mobile device useage (smart phone & tablet PCs), as we enter into the post PC era it is becoming more and more essential for businesses to be able to communicate with clients in the mobile world.

  • We consider outbound Mobile Marketing

  • Clients need to access us efficiently via their mobile devices

  • Mobile optimized websites and portals are becoming an essential part of the marketing strategy for corporations.

  • Development of mobile websites are considered, how you can craft yours and what to do when clients visit you through this marketing channel

Module 9 : Online Reputation Management

Reputation Management needs to be part of your business’ marketing strategy development as we see that customers are turning to the internet for user reviews of products as well as the thoughts and opinions of client’s experiences of dealing with your company. These are read by potential and existing clients before they engage with your company. Positive reviews and testimonials can add millions of £s to an organisation’s revenue whereas the failure to strategically enhance its reputation online can cause a company to go out of business due to lost clients and declining revenues. We will discuss …

  • Today a business’ reputation online is proportional to its success

  • You need to strategically control your reputation online

  • How you can use the new technology tools to enhance your reputation

  • How to counteract bad reviews

Module 10 : Case Studies

We go through a series of case studies, some of which showcase how specific corporations have used specific new technology tools as a key component of their Channel Marketing Strategy develop to engage with customers and to drive revenues. Dissecting these practices will provide you and your business with valuable insights that you will be able to take and act upon to enhance your business operations my making full use of the internet as part of your channel marketing plans. Some of the Cases …

  • Scarcity & Abundance in your marketing

  • Content Leveraging

  • New Product Introduction Using Digital Marketing

  • Use Of Twitter For Customer Engagement

  • Corporate Social Media Marketing

  • The Use Of Blogging By Corporations

Here’s a summary of the topics we’ll cover during the Fast Paced, Mind Stretching & Business Strategy Challenging day.

All of the topics above interlink along with class exercises and questions that are designed to assist you the business owner, entrepreneur, manager & marketing expert to get the most out of digital marketing, email marketing, search engine marketing, video marketing, podcasting, content creation and more in your business operations. Depending on your business a section will be more relevant to your company and this is where the instructor’s experience comes into play through thought provoking discussions and applications of the module topics.

  • Module 1 : Glossary

  • Module 2 : Introduction To Digital Marketing

  • Module 3 : New Marketing & Your Business

  • Module 4 : Current Media Marketing vs Previous Marketing

  • Module 5 : Redefining The Marketing Mix

  • Module 6 : Search Engine Marketing 101

  • Module 7 : Website Customer Engagement

  • Module 8 : Mobile Marketing & Advertising

  • Module 9 : Online Reputation Management

  • Module 10 : Case Studies

We are confident that you will take away ideas from the day worth multiples of the cost for attending. Spend a day with us learning how to effectively integrate the tools of the internet into your business strategy development processes in order to deliver the message of your company’s brand, its products and services to clients and to give customers an experience of your service offerings in the digital realm.

Integrative Approach

As we look to align all digital marketing activities with the top level business strategy

Ideal Client Profiling

Using the digital marketing channel to identify and connect with target market segments

Digital Social Media

How to tap into trends using microblogging, connect with influencers and build your own tribe of followers

Strategy Nuts & Bolts

Examining all pillars of the marketing mix and applying digital marketing fundamentals to all

Stephen C Campbell

In the corporate world Campbell held a number of regional sales and marketing (ICT) positions with Hewlett Packard which included responsibility for North America, Europe, Japan and the Asia Pacific region in doing so has conducted business in well over 20 countries.

Campbell has been responsible for shaping the strategic direction for managing revenues streams of greater than US$85M.

Campbell was instrumental in expanding the company’s business into the Far East managed the Far Eastern business marketing activities for Hewlett Packard based in Tokyo for a number of years.

Whilst in the region he managed to almost double the business in Japan (managing the likes of Fujitsu, Hitachi, NEC & Toshiba) to greater than US$35M and at the same time initiated business in Korea, Taiwan and India.

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