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Digital Marketing For Companies With A Spotlight On Social Media & Facebook Marketing

We take a look at the major social media platforms [Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest etc etc] in general & then we move on to putting the spotlight on Facebook.

With what many consider to be the major Social Media Marketing Platform – we progress from Beginner To Advanced Facebook Marketing Strategy Development principles.

Move Forward From Simply Posting ‘About Us’ Images On Facebook & Social Media & Turn Social Media Activities Into Lead Generation, Brand Building, Customer Acquisition & Revenue Generation.

Grasp This Opportunity To Work On Your Business As Opposed To In Your Business & Benefit From The Exact Strategies & Methods That I Have Used When Consulting With Companies Such As. Swatch Group / Iveco Trucks / Genworth Financial / Proctor & Gamble / Fujitsu / Acer Computers … To Name But A Few [with business conducted in over 25 countries throughout Europe, The Far East & the United States].

Read on for what we will cover during this fast paced intensive workshop …..

Digital, Social & Facebook Marketing

Search Engine Marketing Fundamentals

Company Website

Most business are aware that they need to have a presence on the internet given that we live in a technologically advanced world where potential clients are constantly checking their mobile phones and using computers to look for desired products and services. The first step is to of course have a company website developed and then the next step is to take the required steps that are necessary in order to get the website found on the internet.


Keywords are those phrases and terms that are being typed into the internet search engines on a daily and consistent basis. Now in order to get any company website found on the internet having a key understanding of the keywords that relate to the business and its associated products and services are key steps within the defined process when it comes to getting a website ranked within the search engines.

SEO & Content Marketing

Now, in order for any website to get ranked within the search engines search engine robots and spiders need to arrive at a particular website via links; these links are defined by the Anchor Text that people click on and these links will lead people to a website. The basis of the content should be developed based upon the keywords we spoke of above that related to our products and services. These are some of the basics of ensuring any company website will be ranked – we cover this and more during our consultative training seminars and workshops.

Marketing Communications

Another fundamental that we need to get established is that of using different marketing channels through which to communicate the core value proposition of the company through to the end user customer. Depending on the nature of the business and that of its products and services the company will use defined marketing channels through which to speak directly to the customer. One such marketing channel could the the radio, flyers, direct mail or even email marketing.

Delivery Of Products & Services

The other form of Channel Marketing is related to how the company chooses to actually deliver whatever the business produces directly into the hands of the end user customer. As an example when delivering in company training and company the channel in that case would be me as the consultant in person in a meeting or conference room somewhere speaking with the client. In the case where we enter into telephone consulting programmes then in this case the marketing channel will be defined as the telephone. What [primary] marketing channels are being used within your business operations ?

Channel Marketing Strategies

Digital Internet Marketing Channels

Digital Internet Marketing has now become an incredibly important component within any company’s top level business development strategy development and execution. This particular marketing channel can be used to both communicate the messages of the business as well as delivering products and services directly to end user customers that would have been developed during the Ideal Client Profiling section of business planning.

Strategies For Business Branding

Brand Equity

Brand Equity is used to determine how leverage a company has within the marketplace in terms of its products and services and the ability to move into different sectors along with exercising price inelasticity practices.

Awareness & Associations

A good place to start to build and continually refine the brand of any company is to work on connection and associating with key influencers, decision markers and clients in order to build awareness for products and services.

Ideal Client Profiling

Buying Process

With any product and service there is a purchaser at the end of the marketing channel and there is a defined purchasing process that clients go through within their mind before the exchange monies for goods and services.

Decision Makers

When strategically making use of the internet to connect with clients in order to deliver marketing messages as well as products and services we need to keep at the top our minds who the purchase decision makers are.

Why Is Digital Channel Marketing Important For Your Business ?

  • People are on Facebook & other Social Media sites all day, every day

  • Search Engine Marketing

    is critical for your business as your clients turn to Google, Yahoo & Bing [& the other search engines] in order to look for information, review and comments on your business services

  • Clients and stakeholders in your business have 24×7 access to the internet

  • Your Ads & Marketing can follow people around again and again

  • You can super-target clients based on their interests, location, hobbies, age, gender, and connections

  • The internet Search Engines

    is the chosen method of your existing clients and potential customers for looking for news, information and content on products and services

  • You can communicate directly with clients

    using their Smart Phones & Mobile Devices

A Company’s Digital Marketing Strategy Has To Be Integrated Into The Top Level Company Strategy …

Failure to take the time to integrate the marketing tools of the internet into your business’ strategy – is a failure to get your message out to the marketplace, interface with clients in the most efficient manner and ultimately drive revenues.

To achieve lasting business development success using the digital marketing channel takes careful up front planning, keyword analysis, content preparation and the creating of that content in various guises in order to effectively connect with target market clients. This could be different forms of video marketing, blogging, micro blogging, article writing and more.

Let’s start by getting skilled up in relation to the effects of adding digital to the marketing mix relates to company strategies ?

– this will be revealed in the Business Internet Marketing Strategy Seminars [which focuses on using the strategy framework shown on the left as a guide to integrating digital marketing practices into the company] for managers that we have been conducted privately for clients such as …

Iveco Trucks | Swatch Group China | Stanley Black & Decker | Telekom Austria Group | OMV Petrom | Dun And Bradstreet | Genworth Financial | Bristol City Council

… and many other Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Work From Home Professionals & Marketers who have chosen to make a go at running their own companies and who understand the importance that Digital Marketing has to play in the effectiveness of business operations.

Introducing : Digital Marketing For Companies with a focus on Social Media Facebook Marketing

This Business Internet Strategy Training takes a consultative approach leaving you with specific tools and techniques you can use to build your business. This is not a technical day per sebut instead focuses on your business’ existing marketing strategy and deals with how the outbound marketing strategies and tactics can be integrated with the internet and new technology tools.

Module 1 : Marketing Fundamentals

 A brief look at the fundamentals of the Discipline Of Marketing [Categories / Channels / Segmentation] itself in order to lay the foundation from promoting and bringing awareness to Products & Services through the use of Digital Marketing. Bearing in mind that Digital, Social & Facebook activities all [are supposed to] fit within the Marketing function of the organisation in question and therefore all activities made via this Channel to Market are to function as key components of driving awareness to products and services.

Once we have set the foundation we are now able to dive into the Digital aspect of the Marketing using the fundamental knowledge base as a reference upon which to build the Digital, Social & Facebook Marketing Strategy Development.

  • Category Marketing

  • Channel Marketing

  • Market Segmentation

  • Product / Service Definition

  • Ideal Client Profiling

  • Business Branding Fundamentals

  • Supply Demand & Pricing

  • Digital Marketing Segmentation

Module 2 : Business Branding

Introducing the main concepts related to Brand Equity and focusing on highlighting what we consider to be the main fundamentals within this aspect of marketing that need to be adhered to in terms of executing business strategies using digital marketing to ensure the target market customers as identified by the organisation [no matter the size of the company] are continually made aware of the products and services.

  • Awareness

  • Associations

  • Customer Loyalty

  • Product Service Quality

Module 3 : Search Engine Marketing

Most business related activities start with a potential client seeking information relation to products and services via the search engines [they are in fact raising their hands and saying that they are interested in that which the company has to offer to the marketplace]. Getting a fundamental understanding of how to develop and execute effective Search Engine Marketing campaigns is key to success in today’s search engine centric world.

  • Interruption Based Marketing

  • Permission Based Marketing

  • Keyword Research

  • Ranking By Linking

Module 4 : Content Leverage

It is the consistent communication of the value proposition [that should be clearly defined at the outsite] of the products & services of the company within the digital marketing space through quality content that will serve to attract customers. It is content that drives the internet – the internet is entirely made up of content in its various guises of raw text, images, videos, micro blogging, articles, press releases all of which need to be appropriately tailored to cater for the consumption preferences of target customers.

  • Micro Blogging

  • Video Marketing

  • Repurposing Content

  • Image Marketing

  • Article Marketing

  • Blogging

Module 5 : Social Media Marketing

This form of two way [permission or interruption based] marketing works by starting, instigating and joining conversations related to any company, its products and services, the is centred around likes and interests of individuals and being able to turn this form of communications into targeted marketing using the major social media channels is another key business skill that needs to be embraced and built into daily outbound marketing activities.

  • Twitter Marketing

  • Youtube & Video Marketing

  • Facebook Marketing

  • Engagement

  • Social Market Segmentation

  • Custom Audience Integration

Module 6 : Advanced Facebook Marketing Strategies

Now it is time to dive deeper into making use of what happens to be perhaps one the most useful social media platforms in existence that can be utilised as a strategic marketing tool. We will look at using Facebook for implementing various top level business strategies such as ….. Segmenting the Marketplace.

  • Lead Generation Campaigns

    Turn Facebook activities into Lead Generation Campaigns through engaging relevant content that has been designed with the Type Of Traffic in mind with a view to guiding customers through specific actions and routes depending on the stage of awareness.

  • Different Types Of Traffic

    There are indeed ways to classify the traffic [from those who have never heard of the company to those who are previous paying customers] that we receive from our Facebook Marketing activities – each level of traffic should be dealt with differently in order to gain the maximum effect from any marketing activities.

  • Advanced Customer Targeting

    A look at how we can specifically use Facebook Advertising to identify target market segments based upon actual market data that is unique to your company and the reaction of the marketplace to identified marketing messages.

  • Using Custom Audiences

    Introducing this aspect of Facebook marketing; from understanding exactly Custom Audiences are to how to develop and nurture them in order to guide customers through defined marketing paths [funnels] culminating in revenue generation.

We will also touch on Video Marketing Within Facebook, setting up and running Facebook Advertising Campaigns. An essential component to success with Facebook Marketing is itself technical in nature so we will take a look at installing and using the Facebook Pixel codes for maximum customer interaction and market penetration.

And In Summary …

With the ever growing importance that Digital Marketing continues to take in terms of the execution of top level business strategies there is a corresponding trend that can be seen which has the outcomes that we see certain members of staff at time [who may not actually be skilled in digital marketing strategy development and execution] being granted the task of managing the companies Facebook Marketing & Social Media activities. With that said; here is an opportunity to spend time working on your company’s Digital, Social & Facebook Marketing Strategies as opposed to being buried in the daily tasks of working in the business.

Workshop Additional Component 01

Full Course Summary Notes Will Be Delivered The Week After The Training Along With Comments & A Collation Of The Notes & Points Generated Based Upon The Interaction Of The Participants.

Workshop Additional Component 02

A Complete Digital Marketing Footprint Analysis Report Will Be Generated & Presented In The Week After The Workshop – This Will Show The Company Exactly Where It Should Be Focusing Its Social Media & Facebook Marketing Efforts.

Workshop Additional Component 03

Full access to our platform [as developed by our sister Digital Marketing Agency – Capid Houser] in order to systematically collect Google Reviews, Customer Feedback as well as broaden their reach through the Social Media sharing aspect of the system.

Workshop Additional Component 04

All Participants Will Also Receive A Thirty Minute Post Workshop Phone Consultation Designed To Provide A Strategic Plan Outline For The Company’s Digital Marketing Execution.

Here’s a summary of the topics we’ll cover during the Fast Paced, Mind Stretching & Business Strategy Challenging day.

All of the topics above interlink along with class exercises and questions that are designed to assist you the business owner, entrepreneur, manager & marketing expert to get the most out of digital marketing, email marketing, search engine marketing, video marketing, podcasting, content creation and more in your business operations. Depending on your business a section will be more relevant to your company and this is where the instructor’s experience comes into play through thought provoking discussions and applications of the module topics.

  • Module 1 : Glossary

  • Module 2 : Business Branding

  • Module 3 : Search Engine Marketing

  • Module 4 : Content Leverage

  • Module 5 : Social Media Marketing

  • Module 6 : Advanced Facebook Marketing

We are confident that you will take away ideas from the day worth multiples of the cost for attending. Spend a day with us learning how to effectively integrate the tools of the internet into your business strategy development processes in order to deliver the message of your company’s brand, its products and services to clients and to give customers an experience of your service offerings in the digital realm.

Integrative Approach

As we look to align all digital marketing activities with the top level business strategy

Ideal Client Profiling

Using the digital marketing channel to identify and connect with target market segments

Digital Social Media

How to tap into trends using microblogging, connect with influencers and build your own tribe of followers

Strategy Nuts & Bolts

Examining all pillars of the marketing mix and applying digital marketing fundamentals to all

Stephen C Campbell

In the corporate world Campbell held a number of regional sales and marketing (ICT) positions with Hewlett Packard which included responsibility for North America, Europe, Japan and the Asia Pacific region in doing so has conducted business in well over 20 countries.

Campbell has been responsible for shaping the strategic direction for managing revenues streams of greater than US$85M.

Campbell was instrumental in expanding the company’s business into the Far East managed the Far Eastern business marketing activities for Hewlett Packard based in Tokyo for a number of years.

Whilst in the region he managed to almost double the business in Japan (managing the likes of Fujitsu, Hitachi, NEC & Toshiba) to greater than US$35M and at the same time initiated business in Korea, Taiwan and India.

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