Due to the changing state and formation of the global economies around the world, note that this is based on the so called already developed economies as well as those countries and regions that are classified as developing – with that said, we see that there is a growing trend in terms of people hiring Business Development and Marketing Consultants based on the number of Work From Home Businesses & Small Business Owners that are springing up. One of the reasons is that there is no longer the long term employment security where people work in one industry or company for years and years.

Now as we see so many small business and work from entrepreneur based companies springing up all over the place, one of the good things to come out of this is that people are compelled to get their branding and marketing messaging and passions in the form of delivering appropriate Category Marketing placed Marketing promotions and advertising out to the Target Customer in order to fulfill Entrepreneurial desires and Goals – given that the core competency of say Work From Home People may not be that of a Business Development Manager or Marketing Strategy Consultant there is a corresponding growing trend in terms of hiring external help to assist with the growth of the business.

This is where we turn things around and refer to the sloping economics demand curve and challenge our own mindset in terms of what we are willing to pay in order to get expert help with our business operations.

If someone is delivering the same or similiar services that everyone else is then the curve shows that they may well come in at lower prices, if we assume that someone who is a highly skilled Marketing Professional who is able to work on all aspects of the business including that of a Branding Strategy Consultant in line with Pricing Strategy & Pricing Products then they will most likely be the highend Mercedes model as opposed to the lower priced Nissan Micra.

Now, as in target marketing – one may be the perfect candidate for a Nissan Micra as opposed to a Tesla – but as a business owner, if you are looking to get the most out of working with a consultant then you may wish to consider what someone is charging and then think about the amount of value that that acually equates to – then decide if you want the Tesla / High End Mercedes or the Fiat Uno or Nissan Micra !! Stephen [Digital Marketing / Business Development Expert : conducted business in over 25 countries throughout Europe, the Far East and the USA. MBA, MSc, MCIM, certified in Advanced Google Analaytics, consulted with major corporates countless small business operations] – get in touch if you wish to discuss creating more unique versions of your products / services / coaching.

One of the areas that I always end up instructing clients in is that of Business Branding and in developing and communicating a core Value Proposition to the end user market place. With that said – as I look to continue to increase the amount of work that I conduct within the London Business Scene I am working on developing and positioning the Stephen C Campbell brand accordingly. I gave a lecture at Westminster Library late last year and that lead to various siginificant business opportunties.

With the amount of monies that is circulating in the London Business region there comes with it a growing number of organisations that are in need of outside business strategy developmen assistance and that is where I am able to add value to the equation. With a strong international business development strategy foundation as well as relevant internet marketing experience – I look forward to assisting more businesses succeed in the London business market place.

Feel free to get in touch to explore what I can possibly do to assist you in your business endeavours.


-Stephen C Cambpell