If you are in business then like it or not, you have to accept that your current and potential clients are searching for the products and services that you have to offer by using the major Search Engines of the world i.e. Yahoo, Google, Bing.

Your consumers increasingly spend more and more time using the search engines to locate, products, services and information that you want to sell to them ! And unless you as a business owner strategically work to make sure that those who are searching for your products, services and information find YOUR details [and not that provided by your competitors] you are missing out on opportunities to bring clients into your marketing funnel.

It is a sad fact that most business owners focus solely on paid search – Google Adwords being the most widely known method of advertising your website. This is despite the fact that according to recent data

  • 88 Percent Of Online Search $$££s Are Spent On Paid Advertising
  • 85 Percent OF Searchers Click On Organic Results

If only business owners could understand and grasp the fact that Search Engine Marketing presents a really unique Opportunity to connect with potential customers – they would divert some of their Paid Advertising Budget and dedicate it to attracting Search Engine Customers.

With repect to helping clients to use their skills in any niche and market them online this article is presented to you. It’s related to using skills in selling books online for your home business.

There are lots of factors in order to make your e-commerce business work. You need an efficient customer assistance service and a working system for organization and technical aspects.

E-commerce or electronic commerce has dramatically changed its meaning over the last 30 years. E-commerce originally meant any transaction like invoice or purchase order that was sent trough electronic means i.e. transactions through ATM machines and telephone banking.

Today, e-commerce is synonymous with any online business transaction. There are now billions of Internet users worldwide and the potential market base is astounding. That is primarily the reason why many businesses become online. Many types of transaction can be done over the Internet, with a vast range of products and services up for grabs. Unfortunately, there are also a great number of failed online business ventures who are being swept by the current.

So, how does one make e-commerce profitable? What are the key factors in making e-commerce work?

A great online business company must employ a competent Internet management team, efficient post-sales services (i.e. product tracking, delivery, etc.,) well-organized business and network infrastructure and a working website. This may sound a bit overwhelming to home business entrepreneurs who may be working on very limited resources. However, this can be oversimplified to just having an efficient customer assistance service and a working system for organization and technical aspects.

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Stephen C Campbell