The brand positioning that a company – no matter what the size, that is if the company happens to be a

  • solopreneur
  • home based business
  • small and medium enterprise all the way up to the
  • corporates

… will have an effect and bearing on how clients view the company when compared to similar organizations who are seen to provide comparable products and services.

We do know that the largest companies have huge marketing departments often with specialists focusing on the positioning in the market place that the company takes – with that said, often the practice is to use outside agencies to develop the positioning strategy.

Smaller companies should focus on the core elements of their brand equity such as :-

  • Awareness
  • Associations
  • Quality

… and drill down into the key components of these categories and allocate appropriate resources from within the organisation to work on those areas that have been identified as being the priority in terms of the overall strategic direction of the organisation.

Constant and regular focus on this and the pushing out into the market place of the message will serve to drive the positioning of the brand in the market place, this will ultimately serve to separate the organisation from the competition, engage with customers and therefore drive revenue.

-Stephen C

It is essential if you are starting a new, home-based business that you plan every possible thing that could happen. Not only does this help you reach a goal for the future, it also helps if you are trying to get financing for your

home-based business. This important information is what makes up a home business model. And there are four basic components of each stage of building a business. A great business model can only be composed after the components of each stage have been identified.

The components of a home business model include the infrastructure. The core capabilities are capabilities and competencies necessary to execute a company’s business model. The partner network is the business alliances with complement other aspects of the business model and the value configuration, which is the rationale that makes a business mutually beneficial for a business as well as its customers. The offering of a home business model is the value proposition.

These are the products and services a business offers. In short, it is what the customer gets for what the customer pays. A customer can evaluate a company’s value on two broad dimensions with multiple subsets. The vendors marketing and sales efforts offer a customer value proposition. Next come the customers. You need to know who your target customers are, the target audience for your business products and services.

The distribution channel is the means, which a company delivers its goods and services to a customer. This could be through a simple means as the postal service or a major trucking company driving your products across country. Customer relationship is key in a business model.

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Stephen C Campbell

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Stephen C Campbell