I consider Niche Marketing or Market Segmentation a key element to any business and/or business plan. Failure to analayze your target market into specific niches or market segments will inevitably mean that you end up marketing and promoting your product in less than the most efficient manner.

For those who have a business and how are not familiar with the advantages and disadvantages of niche marketing should look to get some basic education on the subject even if they are looking to hire a consultant to work with. I follow leaders and Stephen Pierce is a world leader in internet marketing and business strategies. Take a look at http://www.winningintheniche.com/ which is an excellent resource to give one a solid foundation on the benefit of niche marketing.

Stephen C Campbell

Determining your ideal customer for your Products and Services is one critical piece of the jigsaw puzzle when it comes to your Internet Marketing business strategies. Niche Marketing or Market Segmentation will help you with your small or home business because you will be effectively marketing your products and services to the sections of the population which are most aligned to what you have to offer.

I mostly consult with small business who have been in business sometimes, 2, 3, 4,5 or more years and most have never used a Business Consultant to help them with the niche marketing and market segmentation tactics and stragies which are so critical to the success of any business.

I thouroughly recommend all small and medium businesses take time out to define their markets and end user customer base and updating their knowledge, products and services accordingly.  I highly recommend you take a look at this excellent resource at http://www.winningintheniche.com/ by Stephen Pierce and Patric Chan which will guide you through the landscape of Niche Marketing and Market Segmentation with your product and service.

Good luck in your endeavors, let me have your comments – get in touch if I can help you in any way.

Stephen C Campbell

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It can be easy to jump into the service aspect of your new business and allow some of the paperwork and legal decisions to fall by the wayside. After all, you are in business to take care of your customers and market your product and service in the most appropriate marketing niche http://www.winningintheniche.com/.  Ultimately legal processes are vital to your success. Take the time to get them done but ensure you take care of your market segmentation activities. If you don’t it could have serious repercussions as you fail to market to your ideal end user customer.

Unfortunately paying significant attention to niche marketing and market segmentation is something which many small businesses are not appropriately schooled in. I highly recommend you go take a look at http://www.winningintheniche.com/ pay close attention to the expert information given by Stephen Pierce and Patric Chan and watch your small home business go from strength to strength.

Stephen C Campbell

Niche Marketing is one of those terms that is bounded around all of the time. The definition of niche marketing is critical when working on your marketing strategies tactics and deciding upon your fundamental niche for the working of your business.  

When working with my clients I work on the pros and cons of niche marketing during the very first session. I work with them closely on their defining their business and developing marketing strategies with a focus on their Ideal Client Profile.

It is indeed critical to define which segment of the market each of your product and service fits into, this in turn will lead to finding, attracting and attaining your target. The reality is that, niche marketing is critical to your business success. 

Thanks for reading, let me know if you have any comments.

Stephen C Campbell