With the ever increasing widespread use of the internet for business strategy development, for advertising and for marketing – we attract clients from all over the world and with that prospective clients, as well as those clients who have had some experiences with us can say what they wish to about us – all online. This calls for organisations to be concerned about managing the reputation of their business online.

Kim Hicks is a voice over specialist who work for the BBC and was one of the main announcers at the …


… medal ceremonies at the Olympic Games in both China and also in Greece.

We worked together briefly to look at the Channels to Marketing that she was mainly using, this in addition to the overall messaging that she has been using was the basis of our short conulstation session.

A few months ago I gave one of my mini half day consultations to a client operating in the Business Office Furniture Industry …


… being able to consult with clients from a wide range of business industries is a skill that is bringing great benefit to the end user clients. Working in this way means that I can use whatever I find is the best from one industry and make use of any specifics within another.

We have been very impressed though by your depth and scope of understanding relating to marketing, and its effect/impact on any business.

We have already mentioned you to a couple of our clients, as someone who really understands the marketing procedure and would be very effective.

I talk to many small businesses, some are startups and many others have been operating for a few years. One common theme that I see is that when I start to explain about my three month marketing strategy process which includes focussing on Channel Marketing, Internet Marketing, Category Marketing, Market Segmentation, Branding, Supply and Demand and more there is a reticence and reluctance to stop and consider the marketing process.

The point is that so many small businesses and work from home organisations are in love with their product and not necessarily looking out and seeing what is is that the customer actually desires, wants and needs. That is one reason why business do not grow – as they continue to do the same things over and over again.

I find myself explaining that there is a reason why all the large corporates have marketing departments and why people go to university to study marketing. Unfortunately this falls on death ears in many cases and the owners continue to (try to) do the marketing themselves. The skill of business negotiation and communication must be learnt and deveoped over time as with any other skill.

If you are running a small business, whether it be a work from home operation or you have employees in an office. Consider this, where could your business be in say six months time if you stop and spend some time on working on the most critical part of your business which is your marketing strategy. Do not fall in love with your product, fall in love with the marketing process and continually searching out and determining what it is that your customers want. This is how businesses grow, make your business a growth business and consider stategies such as niche marketing on an ongoing basis.

Interested in hearing if you have any comments on this.

Best to you,


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