Time makes the world go round. This fact itself answers the question- why is time management so important? It is all about managing all your time well and getting the maximum out of it. The importance of time management lies in the fact that it leads to the development of good personal and professional habits.

Setting the priorities right and doing much than one can do in those very 24 hours is all about time management. Better time management leads to achievement of goals that in turn bring success. Therefore success is all about sucking the most out of time.

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Stephen C Campbell

Time Changes :  Travel westward, if you will, where the time changes. You go to bed saying to yourself that you will awaken at in the morning. You are traveling by sleeper on a fast express. You go to bed by Eastern Time, and while crossing the land enter the belt of Central Time, which is an hour slower; yet you awaken at literally five o’clock–not four o’clock, the absolute hour which would have been five for you had you remained in the Eastern belt; but the actual five o’clock of the new region, which is the Eastern six o’clock. Marvelous are the understandings and workings of the subconscious mind!


Upon giving this illustration in my campaigns, I have often been asked with some perplexity how is it that, if the subconscious mind is the omniscient and divine part of man, this sensitive medium may take up wrong suggestions, such as fear, worry, doubt, sorrow, fright, lack, limitation or poverty. The answer is very simple. All life is orderly and scientific, and works according to certain rules and regulations of nature. The same omniscient spirit which is within man is also within the acorn and the tree. The principle of life is God-Power. The God-Power in the acorn makes the oak; in you, it makes the man.


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How Much Do You Complain? 

“Realize that if you have time to whine and complain about something, then you have the time to do something about it.”
– Anthony D’Angelo


I was giving a coaching session last week to a dear friend of mine, it was heartwarming when after much work he acknowledged that he was not taking charge of his situation and spending most of his time complaining. In relation to the quote above I would like you to think about your circumstance and those of the people around you (your friends, family, work colleagues etc) and consider the tone and theme of most of the conversations. I am willing to throw out a ‘bet to you that most of those conversations consist of quite a lot of complaining and sentiments that the current circumstances which are not to one’s liking is caused by someone else. i.e. the responsibility for one’s ‘world lies within other people’s hands.


Now let’s make this a bit more personal :- what do you do with your time? are you where you wish to be in/with your Relationships, Finances, Physical Self etc? and what are you doing to move yourself towards your ideal situation or circumstance.


This short post is to urge you to think about every conversation you have and be honest with yourself in relation to what you are doing every day to produce the life for yourself which you earn for deep down in your heart.


As the basis of my coaching focuses on Quantum Physics and the use of Subconscious Mind we do know that getting to grasp with these fundamentals will aid us in predicting our futures by creating it. Please do come back and read more and let me have your comments and feel free to sign up for the Self Development reports at You-Can-Be.Com.


To your continued success.