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During the action packed time that we spend together we will be covering a number of topics that fit into the overall matrix that is defined as Digital Marketing.

You will need to bring a pen and a pad in order to take copious notes, in addition to this – come along with your company’s top level business development plans firmly in mind.

It will help to come conversant with business development planning as during the discussions we will be looking to complete the jigsaw which will include top level strategy in with that of digital marketing.

We conveniently divide this internet based method of communicating with customers into two main fundamentals.

Social Media Marketing is based on conversations, groups, likes, shares, communities and more and has now become a tried and tested method for building a company’s brand.

The phrases and terms that customers type into the internet is the foundation of Search Engine Marketing – we delve into this in order to craft a go to customer internet marketing plan.

Digital Marketing For Companies

Consultative Training

A Business Development, Lead Generation Perspective Look At Social Media, Search Engine & Facebook Maketing

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