Why You Need a Client Attraction Success System: Breakthrough Strategies to Attract Hot New Clients & Build Your Income Fast

How to make old and new clients appreciate you more than you ever thought possible – and get your business out of the station

Marketing Process Management & Execution …

Do you ever feel as if your business is grinding to a crawl, stuck in a plateau you can’t seem to leave? Maybe you are not actually a marketing professional and there is no defined Marketing Process that is being Managed & Executed within your company. It could be that  you’ve had your first few clients and at first, everything was new and exciting.

You worked hard, you reaped some accolades (and made a few mistakes, which you speedily took care of)… but now you’re still making the same modest amount of money, serving the same client or two who may or may not be less than ideal.

If that strikes a rueful note, comfort yourself with the fact that it happens to most service business owners before years three to five.  You’re smart enough to figure the way out… but why spend all that precious energy doing it the hard way?

You want to be making money – and experiencing the glow of success – right now.

Oh before we move on, it may be that you have raised your prices once or twice… but you don’t think you dare raise them any further.  Those few clients that you acquired through whatever means used in the past are all the clients that you have and some f the questions in your mind are that you wonder why you keep repeating the same …

There are so many people all over the world [you ?] who wish to express themselves through their own business i.e. by supplying quality products and services to their chosen target market, the internet provides so many great opportunities for us business people to reach clients all over the world. It is the combination of Business Strategy Development & that of Digital Marketing Execution that can take our businesses to the next level.

Client Interaction Patterns You’re Not Happy With

But, right now, you feel oddly powerless to turn things around.

More fortunate peers have told you, with a touch of impatience: “Just get yourself a coach”.  But you can’t afford some fancy-schmancy whiz who charges thousands for a finite number of sessions.

Truth is, client attraction is not something we’re born knowing how to do.  Some of us are hampered by our personality types and personal histories:  Others simply can’t see how to do things differently.

And some seem to grasp it right away and never look back.

If you’re wishing you had greater success (and attracted better quality clients), don’t worry…

You Are Not Under Some Sort of Strange Business Curse!

In fact, I can help you leave the station for the next level of client success – right now.  I’ve created a four-Module, short but intensive Home Study course to get you past these client-building roadblocks.

Welcome to my “Client Attraction Success System: Breakthrough Strategies to Attract Hot New Clients & Build Your Income Fast”.

Each Module comes with a short but effective assignment that will help ground what you’ve just learned (as well as set your new tactics and techniques straight away into motion)… and a checklist, to help you make sure you’ve set everything you need to set in place.

So if you’re…

Tired of Feeling Like Your Peers Have Left You Behind?

And you’re still making the same amount of money as back when you first started to pick up the odd client or two…

…then it’s time to re-invent success – and make it apply to you!

Module 1

Client Strategy & Preparation

+ Checklist

Module 2

Setting Up Key Business Processes & Systems

+ Checklist

Module 3

Getting Clients While You Sleep 

+ Checklist

Module 4

Follow Up & Retention – Often Forgotten !!

+ Checklist

Module One

As you work through simple exercises and read through eye-opening concepts, you’ll find it easy to move your former roadblocks aside. (Understanding where they come from is half the battle: Knowing where you’re going – and what is truly possible – should win the rest.)

Client Strategy and Preparation

  • Why who you are affects what your clients become -- and why they most probably chose you

  • What your client connection points are, why they work – and how this can help you do four vital things

  • Why those who rely solely on lead generation and promotional strategies often end up feeling frustrated

  • Why performing this one simple action can help you see and change patterns that aren't working for you and your clients

  • Three core strategies that work well in any business – and four questions to ask yourself, when it comes to your targeting habits

  • The three aspects of goal setting -- and two you will need to question

  • The one thing you need to focus on more than any other -- no matter how driven (or fearful) you may feel

  • Why replacing Oprah isn't necessarily your perfect success destination

  • Finding the strategy that flows naturally and easily for you -- and how to make the most of it

  • Five basic strategies to consider for your personality type

  • Five more core strategies -- and how to tell which one works best for your client

  • The one client factor you must never lose sight of -- and the common secret that scuttles success

Gaining a better understanding of yourself can help you better perceive things about your clients that you never “got” or noticed before. But it’s not enough just to pay lip service to this – you need to be able to look with fresh eyes.

How to Tell If You Need a “Mental Makeover”

Module Two

Taking the “Mental Makeover” quiz and using the Customer / Client Relationship Skills worksheet can help you see things in a way that naturally points out problems – leading to solutions that work at last. And when you’ve finished this Module, you’ll be well positioned to move onto…

Setting Up Your Systems

  • Why picking the motto that best describes you can help you determine two factors that may not have been clear before

  • Two mistakes most business owners have made, leaving them "stuck" at a particular all-too-common stage

  • Two facts you need to know -- and why you need to focus only on three types of service

  • Four more questions to ask yourself -- and how to achieve this desirable result both online and off

  • Twelve methods of achieve visibility online (don't worry -- you don't have to choose them all!)

  • Three factors to analyze about your competitors' Facebook Pages -- and two things that point to success

  • Why this one simple habit dwarfs every other method you could try, when it comes to making emotional connection

  • Six simple ways to achieve visibility offline -- and the one fact to check they ensure

  • Why thinking these two activities are outside your business flow can drain away more time than you may realize

This Module doesn’t stop there, however: It goes on to help you examine and determine…

  • Five vital areas that demand regular systems -- and why applying one strategy to all is vital

  • Three crucial aspects of your client life cycle -- and why a client who leaves can signal your best success

  • Why creating this sort of system has added bonuses all round -- for both you and your client

  • Five beneficial effects that create a "win-win" for you both -- and two secrets to effective communication

  • One secret you must firmly practice, if you want to truly enhance your own reputation

  • Three habits to espouse when dealing with clients -- and one action you must never hesitate to take

  • Why following the first two principles of client attraction will help align you both on your journeys

  • Your best method of growth -- and why it works best with present-day times

  • Tips on training your team -- and seven traits you can help instill

Only when these factors become clear can you appreciate…

Why It’s Essential to Look Beyond Creating Passive Income Strategies

That’s where our next section comes in…

Module Three

…Takes you to the world of passive income creation and shows you why it hasn’t worked for you before now. Knowing why you can’t commit, or are afraid (or “too busy”) to try these strategies can help you get past your sticking point. Ending up where you want to be while finally putting these passive income creation tactics into motion naturally leads to client attraction – a secret that surprises people who finally get there. And, in addition, you’ll also learn…

Getting Clients While You Sleep

  • Ten benefits of passive income creation strategies that you may (surprisingly) never have noticed before

  • Why your personal style, skills& preferences ahould help more than they probably do in finding passive income methods natural to you.

  • Two effective alternatives, if your personality type has you struggling with intimidation

  • Six passive client attraction methods, and how to add them -- successfully -- to your business

  • What adding passive income generating activities for you has to do with attracting new clients

  • Five benefits this offers and how to add value to your business by not dealing with one aspect at all.

  • Why adding this traditionally least-popular method as a regular strategy makes good business sense

  • The right -- and wrong -- ways to attract potential clients with this simple method

  • Two reasons why people always "get it wrong", when submitting press releases to very different arenas

  • The one thing you need to find, if you're going to maintain a company blog

  • Why pre-planning things you haven't thought of yet is not as crazy as it sounds -- and how to make sure you always do this

  • Three unique platforms for static visual targets -- and the one you should never ignore

Okay, so we don’t touch on strategies you’ve most likely read about till you’re saturated – but tying uncommon factors about the ones we do explore together will help you break free of passive income-generating (and passive client attraction) barriers you may not have realized exist.

And, in addition, you’ll also learn…

Getting Beyond the Obvious (and Getting Rid of Passive-Income Creation Frustration)

And getting rid of frustration can help free up your mind even further, so you are primed and ready for…

And, in addition, you’ll also learn…

Module Four

…Starting with a review of where we’ve come from since beginning this Home Study course (and completing the simple assignments). This leaves you perfectly positioned to pick and choose your clients, once you understand…

Follow Up and Retention – the Forgotten Factor

  • Two simple secrets of client retention (and what you must do beyond that)

  • Why adopting these "no-brainer" practices will make providing this seem like magic to your client

  • Five ways to make sure your client ignores your competition (or quickly sees the error of his ways)

  • Packages vs. discounts -- what you need to know (and the common mistake most often made)

  • Four secrets for creating package deals that grab attention -- and convert into sales

  • The one single aspect to always track, if you use bonus items and gifts for your clients

…Starting with a review of where we’ve come from since beginning this Home Study course (and completing the simple assignments).

This leaves you perfectly positioned to pick and choose your clients, once you understand…

  • A simple way to please your clients with something your competitors rarely do

  • Anticipating exit points -- and how to transform them to "win-win" situations

  • How to send clients to your competition -- and come out of it better off than before

  • When to leave the door open -- and how to make sure they come back

  • One of two positives that will happen, if you both part in this manner

  • An even better exit strategy that will make you real money -- and how to use it as research

  • An absurdly simple two-step formula for accurately calculating successful expansion

  • Why "low self-esteem" isn't the problem this personality type thinks it is -- and how to transform it quickly

  • Five all-too-common faulty assumptions that makes people make this Coaching-choice "big mistake"

  • Four simple Business-Coach-choosing steps to help you avoid throwing away money

  • The "self client-weeding-out" motion you'll set in place, if you focus on these other areas

  • Six “right” ways to painlessly fire clients -- and two things never to do!

Going Beyond the Basics of Client Attraction

But here’s the real “meat and chunkies” of Module Four:  The tactics usually only shared in high-end webinars (the sort that cost over $1,000…).  Learn these now, and you won’t end up in the heart-breaking position of attracting better-quality clients, only to lose them by not understanding a few key points

  • Bringing in a hot new generation of clients -- while leaving your mistakes far behind

  • Four essential tips for targeting higher-income or higher-level clients (and why your previously best technique just won't work)

  • Payment pitfalls of wealthy clients -- and how to turn them into non-issues

And going beyond that…

  • Seven strategies to invest in now that will always ensure you never have to work for the sale

  • Following up and retention -- four simple steps (and one never to take!)

  • How to make tracking easy -- and how to measure financial ROI against these four offsetting factors

Who Should Take This Easy, 4-Module Home Study Course?

If you’ve already got high-powered clients and you’re making over six figures, this course is not for you: And likewise if you have a top-level business degree that included practical marketing.

But if you’re past the first hurdles of setting up a business and have even one or two steady clients… if feeling “stuck” or you are intimidated by stepping up your game (or by changing – or firing — clients)… this Course will help you better understand:


Why You Feel The Way You Do …

… and how to easily get past invisible client attraction roadblocks


Things not often talked about …

… that can release you from years of client frustration


How to step up your game …

… without going beyond your emotional boundaries and limits

And don’t worry – even if the thought intimidates you right now, you’ll be ready to consider such steps as expansion, once you’ve completed these four modules.  Tomorrow, if you want… or five years from now (it’s up to you – and your new plan.)

So are you ready to download my “Client Attraction Success System: Breakthrough Strategies to Attract Hot New Clients & Build Your Income Fast” right now?

An Opportunity Like This Doesn’t Come Along (at This Price) Every Day…

So are you ready to take a small step that will help lead you to bigger things you may never have thought possible, when it comes to stepping up your client attraction (and making more money)? Seeing you have read this far now is the time for your to download my “Client Attraction Success System : Breakthrough Strategies to Attract Hot New Clients & Build Your Income Fast”.

Order Strategic Attraction Marketing Blueprint

Access Now

I’m ready to find out how step up my game and attract the clients (and income) I know, deep down, I deserve.  I understand that “Client Attraction Success System: Breakthrough Strategies to Attract Hot New Clients & Build Your Income Fast” offers benefits I can really put to use. Just in case you need it, here is a summary of this home study marketing blueprint …

Module 1 Covers …

insights and advantages such as :

  • Marketing and promotion strategies I can easily work with
  • Strategies that work particularly well for my personality type
  • Strategies to attract my particular target customer or client

Module 2 Covers …

  • Finding the Hero within — and the one transformational effect this will bring
  • Why this piercing insight will help me succeed — and stand out from the masses
  • Applying heroism to my systems — and how it can help me conquer all-too-common difficulties

Module 3 Covers …

  • Client-driving methods that really work — even if they don’t result directly in sales
  • Beyond video creation — taking a look at hidden platforms that can leave YouTube in the dust
  • Five ways to ensure my press releases are never “hit or miss”

Module 1 Covers …

  • How to retain the clients you want to keep — and part well with those you don’t
  • What women entrepreneurs struggle with — and why (after taking this course) I won’t
  • How to choose the right Business Coach — common mistakes people make

To recap : My “Client Attraction Success System : Breakthrough Strategies to Attract Hot New Clients & Build Your Income Fast” also contains handy resources such as Your Mental Makeover Quiz, an Assessing your Customer/Client Relationship Skills worksheet and a basic but always effective Press Release Template.

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