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The thought process among many people out there is that all businesses and other organisations do have an inherent need to continue to develop and grow otherwise they will eventually be seen to have died or; other companies and competitors will in fact end up being preferred by those target market sectors [ideal client profiles] that through the purchase of goods, products and services culminate in generating revenues for the organisation in question involved in the promation and advertising direct to customers or through selected channel partners. In consulting we look at various parameters within the business such as …

… as well as various other factors that can be thrown into the mix to determine how the business is to develop or why it is not !! For the purpose of this post let’s focus on some stated parameters in order to break this oh so important topic down so that the relevant takeaways can be utilised with immediate effect.

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The Equity Of The Brand of an organisation enables the company to accomplish certain things within the market place that it would not otherwise have been able to do if the Brand Equity is not as high as it happens to be within the mind of the customer. We focus on what we consider to be the four main components of this business fundamental and that is …

  1. Customer Loyalty
  2. Perceived Quality
  3. Awareness
  4. Associations

One can see that 1) and 2) can be classified as based on the transactional nature of the relationship with the clients; this will tell us how we performing in relation to the competition. Having regular meetings based around these parameters and working towards building these metrics into the organisation will work on this aspect of the Brand Equity.

Considering Parts 3) & 4) we one is able to determine that this is focused more on the outbound marketing and development of the core Value Propostion of the company. This is to ensure that this is continuously and effectively communicated to channel partners, customers, media and relevant parties using defined marketing promotion channels as appropriate.

Stephen C Campbell

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