Whilst working in Marketing as an employee at HP I worked in the “Solutions” group for a while, – this department was setup in response to the changing needs of the marketplace as we were not marketing and selling to Europe, the Far East, Asia as well as the USA [of course] and was a cross between Research & Development & the Marketing Dept as there was a need to adapt according to the changes needs of the target market business we were interfacing with [mainly Original Equipment Manufacturers, Wholesalers, Distributors and other Channel Marketing Partners].

Now as I find myself working outside of any specific company in the capacity of a Marketing and Business Development Consultant and working with corporates as well as with Small Business Owners I find myself using some of the same principles used in managing clients who were purchases 10s of $Ms per annum. The solutions we created were a combination of hardward and software which we were then able to sell at much higher margins than if we were selling boxes of hardware alone.

The same principles apply when running Marketing Workshops & Business Consulting sessions with customers who have to sell lots and lots of small ticket items in order to generate significant revenues. The answer to the question that is often posed is to look deeply into the needs of the Ideal Client Profile & Market Segmentation classification of client as well as looking at that which is occuring within the market place at large.

With careful Marketing Strategyskill there always is a way to develop solutions or combinations of products and services that are unique the organisation in question & therefore have something that is unique .. …. Remember The Sloping Economics Demand Curve Which We Spoke About Before ???… ….. therefore providing the opportunity to sell at higher prices due to meeting the needs of the customer with something no one else can deliver.

What is your Unique Selling Point or Core Value Proposition or thing that you bring to the marketplace ?? Write it down, declare it to yourself and then build it into you market message and create a solution for the world.

If you ask me – I have a unique combination of …

Marketing Consultant | Digital Marketing | Search Engine Marketing | Social Media Marketing |Business Development | Neuro Linguistic Programming | Goal Setting | Personsal Development

… skills that you would normally need more than 1 person for.

Get in touch … Stephen [conducted business in over 25 countries throughout Europe, the Far East & the USA. MBA, MSc, MCIM, certified in Advanced Google Analytics, Master NLP Practitioner, Certificate in Microbiome research

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