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Why do I make the statement “Strategic Digital Marketing” – well, this is in line the feedback provided by clients in consulting, training and digital marketing services delivery capacities. This perspective that I have developed over time is based on my corporate marketing management experiences in account management, business development and executing numerous new product introductions with clients worldwide.

It is also based on the fact that along with the work carried out with our sister Full Service Bristol Digital Marketing Agency that every activity that takes place in terms in terms of social media and search engine marketing should be tied back directly to the brand of the business, its core value proposition and viewed as a channel marketing business development perspective.

Before we get down and involved with talking about how many tweets we will publish every day, or how to set up email marketing campaigns, video marketing, latent semantic indexing or content publishing – I take the approach of going back to business strategy basics and taking a look at the top level business strategy of the company, including looking at the brand equity of the company, its products and services, key channels to market and how we can ….

Search Engine And Social Media Marketing Strategy Development

… harness the power of search engines and social media in order to connect the message of the company through the digital marketing channel [using video marketing, email marketing, podcasting, blogging, micro blogging, digital marketing funnels, autoresponders etc etc] to the end user with the aim of generating leads, building the brand of the business and ultimately leading to incremental revenues.

This approach I believe is the responsible approach to take when dealing with company owners that may not be that familiar with some of the complexities when it comes to developing and executing go to market digital customer communication strategies. These business owners can at times become confused with some of the jargon that is thrown at them by prospective digital marketing service providers.  It is for this reason why we adopt what we believe is the methodological approach to take by ensuring that everything is approached from a tops down strategic business development and marketing management point of view.

First we will use our various analysis tools in order to scope out what I like to call the Digital Marketing Footprint of the company which will be determined by all of the [effective] digital marketing development activities that have been executed for or on behalf of the company in question.

This digital marketing footprint will be used in conjunction with the top level marketing strategy of the company including its Brand Equity along with that of its Core Value Proposition, definition of its Ideal Client Profile and the major Marketing Channels [distributors, resellers, retail outlets, ecommerce etc] that is has chosen in order to interface with those customers both from a product / service purchasing point of view as well as a marketing message receipt perspective. Armed with this information puts us in a position to design, develop and then execute the company specific search engine and social media marketing programme.

When executed strategically and methodically from a marketing strategy and business development perspective with the long term view of accomplishing a number of objectives including build the brand of the company, extending the reach of the organisation, raising product / services awareness, generating leads and ultimately driving revenues forwards – with testing and re – engineering of the methods as appropriate; then results will be seen over time as we build out the content network in line with expanding the social media network of the organisation in question.

Feel free to take the information and content contained here and put it to work within your business straight away – we of course have our sister Digital Marketing Agency [Capid Houser] on hand with all of the analysis tools, systems, expert staff and software applications on hand that can be put to hand to work within your business with haste – so do feel free to get in touch in order to discuss service provision if you so wish.

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