Harness The Power Of A Focussed Life

Why do some people achieve great success time and time again and some never seem to achieve much above mediocre levels ? This is indeed a complicated question which could be answered with pages and pages of content however, in a word the answer is focus.

I am pleased to be writing about my friend and colleague Mila Kandibur who is presenting a FREE, yes I said FREE !! workshop during which attendees will be expertly taught tools and techniques assisting with the following :-

  • How to focus the mind
  • How to organise your life
  • How to beciome more productive in your business
  • How to meditate

… Based in La Jolla Palms, Mila transcends the boundaries between the business and the spiritual worlds.

You can contact Mila for more details on the workshop or to learn how she can help you with your business and/or personal life.  For more information visit http://www.diamondmindcoaching.com/home.html

To your success,

Stephen C Campbell

Stephen C Campbell

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