Aiming Too Low When Setting Goals

Aiming too low is actually a common problem or issue when it comes to Goal Setting so let’s consider some of the reasons why. Because Goal Setting is not a part of the lives of the vast majority of the population, like anything else that we do (swimming, playing and instrument, playing chess etc, etc) the more we do it the better we get! And it is the same with Goal Setting. Constantly setting Goals, working towards them, achieving them and then moving on to the next eventually gets embedded into the Subconscious and becomes a habit.

So now onto the main point – the aiming low part is done as a feel good factor to ensure we actually stay in our comfort zones, we tick the box to say we achieved a Goal when in fact we’ve just done something which we’ve always been doing or which in fact has not moved us on to an higher level. This is where part ‘P’ of the C-A-P-I-D Goal Setting process comes into play.

So to recap on this point – you need to set yourself an B-H-A-G (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) I got that from Jim Collins’ ‘Good To Great’! and then make that Goal proportional i.e. by splitting the Goal up into small manageable achievable chunks. Let’s illustrate this with an example. You hate your job (I use this because this comes up often in my coaching) and wish to change to say be a doctor and you are currently working as a clerk.

Being a doctor is the B-H-A-G so you need to split this down into smaller Goals, first you need to set the time when the goal of being a doctor is to be achieved (this may be 5 years out). Then you need to split the main Goal into smaller ones so, you may to sign up to get yourself the necessary qualifications to be able to get yourself into a training position. I.E. You make the Goal proportional.

In summary, do not sell yourself short, aim high – set yourself a Goal which possible may scare you when you first imagine yourself doing it. Then split this Goal down into smaller chunks and start working towards them. Finally, recognize when you need help, go and get help, get coaching and shorten your learning curve. Value yourself, spend money on yourself and learn from people who have the skills to help you.

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Stephen C Campbell

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