The topics of Business, Sales, Marketing and the Internet and their relation to each other is perhaps one of the most relevant topics of conversation that need to be take seriously by all business owners.


It must be stated time and time again that it is the Sales and Marketing that is the heart and soul of any business – not the products and services that are on offer !

The last point made above is a tough one to take in for many business leaders that fall in love with what they have to offer to the public at large – [ i.e. their product or service]. When this happens, we see that the focus on presenting the message/brand to the marketplace that was originially targetted fall away from an external to internal direction of attention.

The process of marketing is used to effectively target just ‘who the products and services are for and then this is where the sales process takes over in order to effect the sale. As for the internet – it is a wonderful tool and the subject that I am being asked to speak about the most. In short – we have to use the internet as a supplementary tool to act in conjunction with the ‘standard offline strategies and processes that have been developed.

The internet for sure is a wonderful Sales and Marketing tool but first, any company needs to have well defined messages for which they will be making use of the internet in order to convey that message.

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All businesses need a fresh supply of new prospects on an ongoing basis which hopefully in time will turn into customers and lead to increased revenue generation. In order for this to happen businesses need to constanly execute their marketing strategies which has previously been designed to target their ideal clients. There are of course various ways to find and keep new customers, however in the wired world in which we live, there is no better way of finding new customers that using the internet.

Buyers turn to the internet to look for information on a wide range of topics, in the normal buying process initial online searches turn into purchases. When companies build an emailing list they then are able to contact their customers with latest offers and details of some of the changes and directions of their business.

If you are starting or building your business then I seriously suggest that you look at using the internet as a major part of your go to market strategy and look to build an email list today. There is a free resource which I have come across which I am using to increase the size of my list – I urge you to take a list as the amount of business that is passing through the internet is only set to increase !

You do realise the fact that Microsoft has put in a bid for Yahoo only serves to underline the fact that the internet will continue to pay a major part in future business transactions. To being building your list online now go take a look at

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There are advantages of affiliate marketing as well as disadvantages and getting website traffic in something which will greatly affect your online affiliate marketing as you will need to pull the kind of internet website traffic that is specific and related to your products. Consider that if the website surfer who visits your website has no interest whatsoever in what you are offering they will most likely just close the browser or navigate to do something else on the internet. You should look to write articles which can be used as part of your overall internet marketing strategies. As part of your online affiliate marketing and business affiliate marketing internet promotion online you should look to be finding and locating publications that focus on your target niche market or market segment.

With respect to article marketing as part of your online affiliate marketing strategies I recommend you write and submit a minimum of 2 articles per week with at least 400-600 words in length. By continuously writing and submitting fresh keyword rich articles you will promote your website around the internet and in turn generate hundreds and thuosands of tagetted visitors and readers to your website everyday.

online affiliate marketing is certainly a great way to get started earning money in the internet and the advantages of affiliate marketing are clear for all to see. All you need do is to create a coherent online affiliate marketing strategy in order to provide your target niche market with the products and services they desire and earn extra money which is always welcome.

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Article writing is something which should be used for your online affiliate marketing as this highlights the uses of the product and is great for your business affiliate marketing internet promotion online.

There are indeed advantages of affiliate marketing and another thing you should use as your advantage should be to offer free reports for your readers. The positioning of the free reports is important so you should take some time to consider this as part of your online affiliate marketing. Autoresponder messages are an integral part of internet marketing and should be a part of your internet marketing online affiliate business promotion.

When visitors come to a website they have a choice what to do and things are no different when it comes to online affiliate marketing we want to ideally end up with a closed sale with the visitor going to the affiliate site and making a purchase. As part of the business affiliate marketing internet promotion online we should use the autoresponder messages to give quality information via email to prospective purchasers. This has become an essential part of online affiliate marketing and something which you will need to consider if you want to earn significant incomes from your internet marketing online affiliate business promotion.

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For those getting started on the internet online affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to start making money online. We do know that there are advantages of affiliate marketing but it still remains one of the best ways to get started. Every affiliate marketer is always looking for successful niches and market segments that will return the biggest commissions. business affiliate marketing internet promotion online is not a magic formula but with use of the correct marketing strategies and perseverance one can make significant amount of income on a regular basis.

internet marketing online affiliate business promotion should be used in conjunction with solid internet marketing fundamentals to take your affiliate earning to the next level. Let’s consider some tactics and strategies that you can start using straight away to get your online affiliate marketing moving forward today.

One thing that you can do is to use unique website pages to promote each separate product in a particular marketing niche or segment that you may be promoting. For quality online affiliate marketing it is preferable if you have seperate on the seperate market niches that you choose to promote. For your business affiliate marketing internet promotion online you should try to include product reviews on the website so visitors will be able to understand what the products can do. The use of testimonials from users who have already tried the product is a great thing to use also.

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Just a few words to finish up on this post:

Using streaming video along with the use of podcasts are probably the hottest thing going in communication since the introduction of email and computer technolgies. Create online video and a podcast highlighting specific features of your product or service. You can offer the streaming video as a bonus item available only to a specific number of people who purchase your product.  See for more details on this.

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Now, let’s continue with the fascinating subject.

Thanks to the popularity and user-friendliness of digital multimedia and of online video, you can rejuvenate your product offerings in several different ways by offering video on a webpage without having to either recreate it or give it away. Best of all, it’s much easier to use streaming video than you might think as now the price of technology has fallen to a level which enables most individuals to compete at a level which previously you would not have been able to.

One of the first things that you ought to consider whe thinking of your internet marketing; what does your product or service actually do or have to offer and how can you use streaming video to present that product or service to the world ? If it solves a problem or makes a task easier that’s common to your target market the streaming video can also help. Why not find a recognized expert and do an interview about a topic related to your product or service? Include this with your product using streaming audio and video broadcasting and breath new life into your sales. To use streaming video on your website see now.

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This is the 1st in a III part post on using streaming video in your internet marketing activities.

Using streaming video is one of the hottest trends in internet marketing today. If you are a forward thinking internet marketing strategist sooner or later you are going to run into the problem that many product creators face; that is what to do when your product either isn’t selling very well or needs to be updated. Usually only a couple of choices have been available. One, sell the product or the rights to it to someone else. Two, basically duplicate the entire product creation process by researching and updating your product. Three, reduce the price and practically give it away to squeeze another round of sales from it.

Now we can add streaming audio and video broadcasting into the mix in order to interface with us human computer users in ways that we communicate naturally via the visual, audio and kinesthetic means. The use of streaming video meets these humans need and will communicate the benefits of your product and services to the end user ustomer.                        

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When you are building a home internet business it is important to make sure that your home base business ideas get the maximum exposure. One of making sure that happens is by adding streaming video to your internet marketing business strategy. We as humans mainly communicate via the Auditory, Visual or Kinesthetic channels and it is no different when it comes to capturing visitors attention when marketing and selling via the internet.

To capture real streaming video for your website with all the associated arrangements and costs can make adding streaming video on your website out of the reach of many. Fortunately with the advance of technology in the recent years, cost have come down. To enable users to watch streaming video online at your website visit where you have a choice of hundreds of actors delivering your message to your website visitors.

Those who move first normally keep and maintain a competitive advantage, please go check out the resource today and you can have a live person delivering your message within days.

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Determining your ideal customer for your Products and Services is one critical piece of the jigsaw puzzle when it comes to your Internet Marketing business strategies. Niche Marketing or Market Segmentation will help you with your small or home business because you will be effectively marketing your products and services to the sections of the population which are most aligned to what you have to offer.

I mostly consult with small business who have been in business sometimes, 2, 3, 4,5 or more years and most have never used a Business Consultant to help them with the niche marketing and market segmentation tactics and stragies which are so critical to the success of any business.

I thouroughly recommend all small and medium businesses take time out to define their markets and end user customer base and updating their knowledge, products and services accordingly.  I highly recommend you take a look at this excellent resource at by Stephen Pierce and Patric Chan which will guide you through the landscape of Niche Marketing and Market Segmentation with your product and service.

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